Symbol of Authentic Woman...a Religious Symbol?

Psalm & Rosary Beads from Ancient Persia

History of Tasbih Christian Prayer & Praise Beads in Iran

Prayer beads, Prayer Rosary or simply Tasbih has been a part of Persian culture for a while now, at least since the introduction of Islam in Iran. There is no accurate date of when and how Tasbih was introduced in Iran. Some may argue that Tasbih has been a part of Iranian (Persian) culture even before Islam since Christianity and especially Catholism was well underway and popular in Iran before Islam used initially to count and pray the150 Psalms. (Source: http://www.farsinet.com/tasbih/index.html

In about 1200, the strong athlete, St. Dominic was preaching between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in what is today IRAQ when, in order to improve his effectiveness, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to him.

We read that at the time when he was preaching to the Albigenses, St. Dominic at first obtained but scanty success: and that one day, complaining of this in pious prayer to our Blessed Lady, she deigned to reply to him, saying:'Wonder not that you have obtained so little fruit by your labors, you have spent them on barren soil, not yet watered with the dew of Divine grace. When God willed to renew the face of the earth, He began by sending down on it the fertilizing rain of the Angelic Salutation. Therefore preach my Psalter composed of 150 Angelic Salutations and 15 Our Fathers, and you will obtain an abundant harvest.'

Source: http://www.catholic.net/RCC/Periodicals/Faith/0910-96/articl11.html

Rosary Story from Harvard University Pro-Life Students:

Mary, Like You, Unwed Mother in Need!

Equally implausible is the idea that a group of sexists would be honoring the Mother of God and praying for her intercession. The choice of prayers is by no means arbitrary ? according to pro-choice standards, Mary's pregnancy is the epitome of a case where abortion would seem the logical choice.

Consider her predicament. Mary is about 15 when Jesus is conceived in her womb by the Holy Spirit. Her family and friends notice the pregnancy, and perhaps plan to shield her from stigma by sending her away to have the child. Should the information become public, Mary will be stoned for adultery. Her husband Joseph also notices the preganancy; an upright man, he plans to divorce her quietly so as to spare her public condemnation.

If Mary were to go speak to a modern-day Planned Parenthood counselor, the advice would be clear - her best bet would be to abort her unborn child. Not only would the birth of the child be inconvenient, but it would also put Mary in danger of being punished for adultery and abandoned by her husband. Of course, Mary's real decision, thank God, was not based on pro-choice logic. Because she followed God's will and not the "wisdom" of this world, Mary became perhaps the most influential creature ever to walk this earth, and the most widely honored and renowned woman in history. One could perhaps call her the first true feminist, a woman whose example the left-wing radicals of today would do well to note.

As much as the pro-choicers prefer we pro-lifers stop exercising our constitutional right to protest, this is not a fight we are about to give up easily. The other Harvard students who attend these protests and I cannot and will not remain silent in the face of the massacre of helpless babies. Pro-choice protestors (men as well as women) are fond of chanting such slogans as "Get your rosaries off my ovaries!" Perhaps a few more rosaries are exactly what they - and all of us - need most.

~~Melissa Moschella, Staff Writer

Source: http://www.digitas.harvard.edu/~salient/issues/990506/upfront.htm

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